Northern Sub-region



The Northern sub-region is one of five sub-regions within the North West LHIN that represents a local planning area for health services. These sub-regions historically correspond to Integrated District Networks (IDNs) implemented through the Health Services Blueprint, which focus on providing equitable access to health care services for the residents within the district, improving health outcomes for the population and arranging for people to receive the level of care they need closer to home. 

Northern Sub-region map


Executive Summary 

The Northern sub-region corresponds with a single Local Health Hub (LHH), Sioux Lookout. 

Director, Northern Sub-region, Alex Vistorino, North West LHIN


  • The Northern sub-region is the third most populated district in the North West LHIN, with a total population of 21,813 
  • The Northern sub-region accounts for 9.4% of the North West LHIN’s total population
  • Over three-quarters (76.9%) of the sub-region population lives in rural areas 
  • The proportion of residents who self-identify as Aboriginal is much higher than in other sub-regions and the broader North West LHIN (77.8%) 
  • The population in the Northern sub-region has a much higher proportion of children and youth (aged 0-19, 40.6%), and a much lower of proportion of seniors (aged 65 and older, 5.9%) than the total North West LHIN population The Northern sub-region has an approximate total area of 290,859 square kilometers 



Northern Sub-region Profile 

Northern Sub-region


Northern Sub-region Planning Table Members

Please note that the Northern Sub-region Planning Table membership is still evolving to ensure Indigenous representation and will begin meetings in 2018. 

  • Alice Bellavance
  • Crystal Edwards 
  • Donna Stanley
  • Heather Lee
  • Henry Wall
  • Janet Sillman