Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We are pleased to announce the new North West LHIN Community Engagement (CE) Guidelines. CE is both a legislated responsibility and a core function of the LHINs. Local decision making is the model the LHINs are built on, one that values the input of community members, health care professionals, and stakeholders to inform our planning and decision making processes. Click to view the 2016 LHIN Community Engagement Guidelines and Toolkit  |  Available in French


Community Engagement Accomplishments 


The North West LHIN would like to thank the people of Northwestern Ontario who were generous with their time during community engagement.

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Core Principles for North West LHIN Community Engagement  

These seven recommendations reflect the common beliefs and understandings of those working in the fields of public engagement, conflict resolution, and collaboration. 
  1. Careful Planning and Preparation 
  2. Inclusion and Demographic Diversity 
  3. Collaboration and Shared Purpose 
  4. Openness and Learning 
  5. Transparency and Trust 
  6. Impact and Action 
  7. Sustained Engagement and Participatory Culture

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Engaging Our Communities


  • LHINkages Quarterly NewslettersSharing Health Care News, Stories and Developments in Northwestern Ontario
  • LHINfo Minute: A regular publication by the North West LHIN providing updates on health care news and services of interest to our local communities.

Community Engagement Reports

    Primary Care Physician Engagement Resource

    Effective primary care is essential to a high performing health system. Well integrated primary care models can achieve distinct health, service and system goals simultaneously. Research indicates that improvements in health care require direct and meaningful involvement of physicians. The following resource provides tools towards creating a positive LHIN-Physician discussion.

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