Health Professionals Advisory Committee (HPAC)

Collaboration and consultation with our many stakeholders is integral to the mission of the North West LHIN. As front line providers of care, health professionals are essential members of our community and have a valued role in helping to achieve the vision of health care in Ontario. The North West LHIN has established a Health Professionals Advisory Committee comprised of members from a range of health services professions. This multi-disciplinary committee has the responsibility of providing advice to the LHIN on how to achieve patient-centred health care.

Mandate of the Committee

The Committee will provide the LHIN with advice on key questions raised by the LHIN related to patient-centered care, implementation of the Integrated Health Services Plan, and other strategic initiatives. In providing advice to the LHIN, the Health Professionals Advisory Committee will need to consider the following matters as they relate to the Network’s activities:

  • The health status of those demographic segments of the population that the network specifies.
  • Innovative approaches to health service delivery.
  • The utilization of health human resources.
  • Health promotion and wellness.
  • Other matters that the committee determines and that are consistent with the objects of the LHIN.
  • Other matters that the LHIN considers appropriate and specifies to the committee.

Committee Members

Members (New) Professional Role Community
Bradley Jacobson Emergency Medicine Physician Thunder Bay
Diane Whitney Psychiatrist Thunder Bay
Jonathan Potvin Pharmacist Thunder Bay
William Ulakovic Optometrist Thunder Bay

Members (Continuing) Professional Role Community
Doreen Armstrong-Ross Nurse / Admin Director-Service Quality
Dr. Bruce Pynn Oral Surgeon
Thunder Bay
Sheri Robertson
Thunder Bay
Lindsay Sutherland Registered Dietition/Site Coordinator Thunder Bay
Tanelle Rabachuk Registered Nurse
Thunder Bay
Robin Cano Registered Nurse
Thunder Bay
Connee Badiuk Dental Hygienist / Program Director Fort Frances / Kenora
John Clack Occupational Therapist  Thunder Bay
Brock Chisholm Physiotherapist / / Manager of Rehab
Tammy Piché Social Worker Thunder Bay

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For additional information please contact Rhonda Ferguson at rhonda.ferguson@lhins.on.ca.

HPAC Terms of Reference

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