Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA)

The Excellent Care for All Act came into law in June of 2010. It sets out a number of requirements for health care organizations. The legislation also lays the groundwork for two significant shifts in health care policy, including a move to Evidence-Based Care and a new Patient-Baed Payment system, and provides a broadened mandate for the Ontario Health Quality Council.

Ontario's Excellent Care for All Strategy

Ontario's Excellent Care for All Strategy is designed to improve the quality and value of the health care received by Ontarians. The strategy is based on four guiding principles:

  1. Care must be organized around the patient to support his or her health
  2. Continuous quality improvement is a critical goal.
  3. Policy, planning and payment must support both the quality of health care and the efficient use of resources.
  4. Quality care must be informed and supported by the very best evidence and standards of care.

The legislation requires health care organizations, starting with hospitals, to:

  • Develop and make public annual quality improvement plans
  • Create quality committees to report to each board on quality related issues, including the public annual quality improvement plan
  • Link executive compensation to quality plan performance improvements
  • Implement patient and employee satisfaction surveys and a patient complaints process
  • develop a declaration of values following public consultation, if such a document is not currently in place
  • establish a patient relations process to address and improve the patient experience.

Guidance Document for Declaration of Values (Nov 2010) - ECFAA requirement

The purpose of this guidance document is two-fold. First, it is intended to help the hospitals assess their own compliance with the ECFA requirement of a patient declaration of values created through public consultation. Second, it is intended to offer helpful assistance to hospitals in their efforts to create or update their patient declarations of values.

Support materials for development of the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

1)  QIP Short Form: this has been created to assist hospitals meet their legislative requirements and to provide the OHQC with the QIP in a format that permits province-wide comparison and reporting on a minimum set of quality indicators. The QIP Short Form is composed of:

     a) word document and

     b) Improvement Targets and Initiatives Spreadsheet (excel file)

2)  Guidance document on Quality Improvement Plans: This detailed guide walks through the process of completing the QIP Short Form.

3)  Update on Performance based compensation: this provides recommendations on how performance based compensation should be incorporated into the QIP.