Health System Improvement Pre-Proposal (H-SIP) Process

The Health System Improvement Pre-Proposal (H-SIP) process has been developed collectively by Ontario Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) to facilitate and standardize the way health system improvement requests are submitted to LHINs. It allows for a simplified summary of the proposed initiative and minimizes demands on health service providers (HSPs) time and resources in the early stages. Pre-proposals should address initiatives that promote accessibility and availability of services for improved health outcomes and/or health system functioning.

The pre-proposal is designed to capture the intent and scope of ideas for health system improvement. It should demonstrate active partnerships and/or collaboration for health system improvement. The LHIN will review all pre-proposals, and based on the merit of the proposal and its alignment with current priorities, the LHIN may ask the proponent(s) to submit a full business case.

H-SIP pre-proposals may contribute to:

  • the LHIN’s intelligence gathering on care gaps, quality gaps and health system performance issues;
  • the LHIN’s development of strategic plans; and
  • opportunities for funding consistent with the North West LHIN Integrated Health Services Plan and Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care priorities.


The North West LHIN is currently undertaking work to improve the overall decision making process, which includes the H-SIP process. One of the areas highlighted for improvement regarding the H-SIP is increasing the communication between the North West LHIN and health service providers throughout the process. To that end, while an H-SIP can be submitted freely and at any time, the North West LHIN encourages health service providers to contact the LHIN prior to preparing a submission. Reaching out to the LHIN prior to submitting enables the LHIN to offer support, guidance and suggestions in the preparation of your H-SIP.

If you have any questions related to this process, please contact:

Melissa Dillon, Business and Performance Analyst at or by phone at 807-684-9425 extension 2035 or toll-free at 1-866-907-5446.

Information and tools for H-SIP Submissions: