Residents First

Advancing Quality in Ontario Long-Term Care Homes

Residents First logoThe North West LHIN is involved in a new quality improvement initiative known as Residents First. This initiative supports long-term care homes in Ontario in providing an environment for their residents that enhances their quality of life. Residents First also facilitates comprehensive and lasting change by strengthening the long-term care sector's capacity for quality improvement.

Residents First is partnership-driven and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Ontario’s Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) are leading implementation at the local level. Training is being delivered by experts in quality improvement through the Ontario Health Quality Council (OHQC).

Right now, approximately three-quarters of Ontario's long-term care homes are taking part. The goal is to have every home in Ontario participating very soon.

If you would like an overview of Residents First, read the initiative brochure. If you are a long-term care home residents, read the brochure for residents. If a friend or family member is a resident of a long-term care home, read the information sheet for families and friends of residents. You can also talk to the home administrator about opportunities to get involved in Residents First.