Development & History of Blueprint

Conception: Phase One - building the case for health system transformation, and providing recommendations to achieve an integrated, coordinated, and sustainable health system congruent with the unique characteristics of the North West LHIN.

Building Our Future 

  • On March 28, 2012, the North West LHIN released the Health Services Blueprint: Building Our Future - a 10-year plan to reshape, integrate, strengthen and sustain the health care system in Northwestern Ontario. The Blueprint was prepared for the North West LHIN by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and is the product of extensive research on PwC’s part and extensive community engagement by the LHIN.
  • The North West LHIN embarked on this project because we need change to our health care system now in order to ensure we have a health care system that is truly person-centered, provides better coordinated care for patients and their families, has improved quality standards and best practices in place for patients and clients, and continues to be sustainable for our children and grandchildren.
  • To develop the Health Services Blueprint, the North West LHIN retained the partnership team of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Preyra Solutions Group (collectively referred to as PwC in relation to the Blueprint).
  • Working in partnership with PwC, the North West LHIN and many of its health service providers participated in numerous activities to inform the development of this report. These activities included, but were not limited to:
    • Compiling an inventory of current health services across the North West LHIN;
    • Engaging in an exercise to understand the projected utilization of health services across the North West LHIN;
    • Collection and analysis of health system data;
    • A review of leading practices and a jurisdictional scan to identify national and international integrated models of care, including jurisdictional reviews of British Columbia: Northern Health Authority, Saskatchewan: Northern Health Strategy, United States: Veteran’s Affairs, Finland: North Karelia and Northern Periphery e-health Projects, and Australia: Queensland and New South Wales;
    • A review of reports compiled to date in the North West LHIN;
    • Patient journey mapping to confirm the current state patient journey and develop future state patient journey models; and
    • Community engagement events with health care providers and the public in order to validate the current inventory of health services in the North West LHIN, identify gaps in services, and provide input on integration opportunities. Approximately 800 people across the North West LHIN participated.
  • The Health Services Blueprint contains 44 recommendations that focus on:
    • creating a new integrated health system model with health service providers collaborating to plan and deliver patient care at the local, district and regional/LHIN-wide levels
    • reducing demand for hospital services
    • lowering the number of emergency department visits
    • improving access to care and delivery of services in the community
  • The Blueprint will inform our decision-making at the North West LHIN so that every dollar spent on health care in this region is invested wisely and supports the health care needs of our population and builds toward healthier outcomes for patients and clients in our region.


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Phase One Community Engagement Activity Details: The Health Services Blueprint was informed with local input collected through extensive consultation across the LHIN which was invaluable in the development of the plan. 

Health Services Blueprint Community Engagement Activities and Information (Phase One)

Integration Information from the June 2010 Leadership Institute (Phase One)

  • Leaders from the 104 health service providers funded by the North West LHIN were invited to the Integration Leadership Institute session in Thunder Bay in June 2010 to explore:
    • how we can move beyond our challenges;
    • to identify our greatest integration opportunities; and
    • to mobilize our resources to achieve the outcomes we all seek.
  • The Integration Leadership Institute was a "call to action." The Presentation: A Call to Action and the Self-Assessment for Integration documents are both available for use in your organization to evaluate your current level of integration.

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Phase Two Community Engagement Activity Details: Phase Two of the Health Services Blueprint project focuses on implementation. To gather input to inform the planning for Phase Two, the North West LHIN will be engaging our health service providers, health care partners and communities across the Northwest on opportunities to best implement the plan. 

Health Services Blueprint Community Engagement Activities and Information (Phase Two)

  1. April to June 2012: The North West LHIN Board of Directors held  Governance-to-governance sessions with Board Members and the CEOs of each of our health service providers. 
  2. October and November 2012: the North West LHIN held engagement sessions with health service providers at the Integrated District Network level.

Notes and Evaluations from HSB Community Engagement Sessions (Phase One)

  1. Series of questions about the health care system in their community. Partcipants were asked to fill out an evaluation form about the meeting.
  2. Following each community engagement session, a summary of the notes from the session and of the participants' evaluations of the meetings was prepared.
  3. The meeting  Notes and Evaluations* summarize participants' comments on:
    1. What works well in their local health care system
    2. What needs improvement
    3. Integration considerations and other information

* Copies of the Notes and Evaluations are available upon request. 


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Health Services Blueprint Working Group (Phase One)

The Health Services Blueprint Working Group provided advice to the North West Local Health Integration Network during the development of the Health Services Blueprint. The Working Group's work was completed in January 2012.

Working Group Members

Name Organization
Anita Jean NorWest Community Health Centre
Brenda Wood Atikokan Senior Services
Bruce Minore Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research
Catherine Collinson Nipigon District Memorial Hospital
Katherine Campbell Dryden Area Family Health Team
Lee-Ann Nalezyty Northwestern Health Unit
Lesley Brown Lake of the Woods District Hospital
Lori Marshall Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
Marcia Pedri Dilico Anishinabek Family Care
Mary Wrigley Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
Paula Donylyk North West Community Care Access Centre
Penny Anguish St. Joseph's Care Group 
Richard Mannisto Geraldton District Hospital
Terry O'Driscoll Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre
NW LHIN Staff   
Heather Gray North West LHIN (Project Manager)
Andrew Wehrstedt North West LHIN
Diane Breton North West LHIN
Jane Hohenadel North West LHIN
Kristin Shields North West LHIN
Laura Kokocinski North West LHIN
Susan Pilatzke North West LHIN 
Lisa Hamilton North West LHIN (Recorder)
PwC Staff 
Pat Stoddard PricewaterhouseCoopers (Lead)
Barb Pitts PricewaterhouseCoopers
Colin Preyra PricewaterhouseCoopers
Gavin Wardle PricewaterhouseCoopers
Paul David PricewaterhouseCoopers


HSB Working Group Terms of Reference

Click here to view the HSB Working Group's Terms of Reference

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