Integrated Health Services Plan (2010-2013) Supporting Documents

The North West LHIN is currently drafting its new Integrated Health Services Plan for the three years 2010-2013. The Plan assesses local health care needs and services, identifies local and provincial priorities for health system improvements and sets out plans to address the priorities. The IHSP is based on information gathered through significant community engagement as well as a number of supporting documents. The list of documents below helped inform our new plan and are available here as information to support planning and research within the North West LHIN.

Community Engagement Reports and Resources

a. Community Engagement Strategy 

b. Share Your Story, Shape Your Care Project

c. Aboriginal Health Forum, Pathways for Collaboration, Summary 

d. What Makes a Successful Interprofessional Team? Views from Health Service Providers in Northwestern Ontario 

e. Health System Transformation in the Northwest: A Discussion with Physicians 

f. Diabetes Strategy Summary of Community Engagement 

Data Reports

a. Environmental Scan (released June 2010)

b. Population Health Profile 


a. Rurality Literature Review 

b. Environmental Scan: Chronic Disease Prevention and Management for the North West LHIN 

c. Diabetes Management and Prevention Environmental Scan for the North West LHIN

d. Forestry and Health: An Exploratory Study of Health Status and Social Well-Being Changes in Northwestern Ontario Communities 

e. North West LHIN Regional Emergency Department Study 

Plans and Resources

a. Aging at Home

b. Emergency Department/Alternate Level of Care 

c. eHealth Information and Communication Technology Blueprint - Tactical Plan 

d. eHealth Ontario Strategy (2009-2012)

e. Priority-Setting/Decision-Making Framework