Integrated Health Services Plan 2013 – 2016
Supporting Documents

Community Engagement Reports and References

i.   Community Engagement Strategy       

a.  Health Services Blueprint Summary Report      

b.  Full Report 

ii.  Mental Health and Addictions Forum, Diversity Summary 

iii. What Makes a Successful Interprofessional Team 

Data Reports

i.   Integrated Health Services Plan 2013-2016 Common Environmental Scan: A Review of Selected Information about Ontario’s Local Health Integration Networks, September 2012

ii.  North West LHIN Population Health Profile  (2012)

iii. Health Profiles for the five Integrated District Networks, June 2012:
      a. Health Profile – Northern Integrated District Network
      b. Health Profile – Kenora Integrated District Network
      c. Health Profile – Rainy River Integrated District Network
      d. Health Profile – City of Thunder Bay Integrated District Network
      e. Health Profile – Thunder Bay District Integrated District Network 


i.   North West LHIN Health Services Blueprint 

ii.  Forestry and Health: An Exploratory Study of Health Status and Social Well-Being Changes in Northwestern Ontario Communities 


Plans and Resources

i.   Emergency Department / Alternate Level of Care 

ii.   eHealth Information and Communication Technology Blueprint – Tactical Plan 

iii.  eHealth Ontario Strategy (2013-2016) 

iv.  Priority-Setting / Decision-Making Framework 

v.   Accomplishments Document – 2010-2011 

vi.  Accomplishments Document – 2011 - 2012

Supporting Documents

North West LHIN Local Environmental Scan 2013