Integrated Health Service Plan (2016-2019) 

Supporting Documents 

The Integrated Health Service Plan IV  has been developed following extensive qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis completed during 2013-2016 with 30,643 individuals, groups, and organizations to assess the successes achieved through implementation of the strategic priorities outlined in the IHSP III and to validate future directions for health system improvement, integration, and transformation in the IHSP IV.

Community Engagement Reports and Resources 

Health System Design and Development Engagement Integrated District Network Summary Reports: 

Data Reports

Health Profiles for the five Integrated District Networks, September 2015:

  1. Northern Integrated District Network (IDN)
  2. District of Kenora Integrated District Network (IDN)
  3. District of Rainy River Integrated District Network (IDN)
  4. City of Thunder Bay Integrated District Network (IDN)
  5. District of Thunder Bay District Integrated District Network (IDN)

    Plans and Resources