Life or Limb

General Information

The North West LHIN is pleased to announce the implementation of Ontario’s Life or Limb Policy effective January 13, 2014.  Based on recommendations from the Office of the Chief Coroner and the request of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the Provincial Life or Limb Policy was developed by Critical Care Services Ontario in order to ensure that critically care patients are able to access definitive care in a timely manner. (Referenced from CCSO)

The Life or Limb Policy embraces a philosophy of care for our sickest, most vulnerable and critically ill patients, and promotes the patient's clinical condition as priority. The Life or Limb Policy aims to facilitate access to acute care services within 4 hours in order to improve outcomes for patients who are life or limb threatened. In addition, patients will be repatriated within 48 hours to ensure ongoing access for patients with life or limb threatening conditions. (Referenced from CCSO)

Local Context - Quotes

“In the North West we have a very strong history of working collaboratively to provide excellent care to our population. We consistently implement innovative and creative solutions in order to overcome barriers such as diverse geography and inclement weather in order to provide the care that is needed for the residents of our region….The North West LHIN completely supports this important work. This work aligns with our 2013-2016 Integrated Health Services Plan and our mission to develop an innovative, sustainable and efficient system to service the people of our region.” 

Laura Kokocinski, Chief Executive Officer, North West LHIN.

“Repatriation is an important piece for all the 14 LHINs across Ontario. I think this is really important work, it’s necessary, and we all have an obligation to figure this out. We are here today in a supportive fashion; I want to see this Policy work. I do see significant challenges ahead from an EMS standpoint, but I know that in working together with our partners we will be able to make significant strides.”

Norm Gale, Chief or Emergency Medical Services. 

While the principles of the Life or Limb Policy have been widely embraced province wide, there is still a great deal of work to do to fully implement this policy.  The North West LHIN looks forward to working with our health system partners on this valuable patient-centered initiative. 

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