Hospital Information System (HIS)

Hospital Information Systems (HIS) renewal represents an opportunity to advance Ontario’s Patients First objectives by helping transform Ontario’s fragmented HISs into a platform for a high-performing, better connected, more integrated, and patient-centred health care system. This is especially important given the fact that HISs represent approximately 75% of the health care system’s capacity relating to information systems and associated resources.

HIS investments to-date have provided hospital-specific improvements in service quality and efficiency, but from a system perspective, it has also generated duplication of effort and resources across hospitals, and a lack of standardization. HIS investments are moving towards partnership models that on existing relationships to move onto shared HIS instances and services, and increasingly driven by evidence of quality of care and health system integration benefits. The hospital sector and LHINs are looking at HIS partnering models as a mean to generate increased benefits while minimizing overall HIS costs.