Integrated Assessment Record (IAR)

The Integrated Assessment Record (IAR) is a tool that provides a central repository for data collected from multiple assessments for clients and allows health service providers within the circle of care to view a client’s previous assessment information from other care providers. HSPs can use IAR to electronically view timely client assessment information in a secure manner, improving information management and enabling collaborative care planning.

Originally implemented in 2010 as a pilot called “Doorways” involving 30 HSPs across the North East and North West LHIN, the IAR now has 53 Health Service Providers onboarded from the North West LHIN and over 1200 across Ontario.  Participation in the IAR was voluntary for everyone except for the Long-Term Care homes where it was mandated.

IAR Benefits

  • Support client-centric approach to care
  • Provide historical context
  • Enhances and informs service/care planning
  • Ensures secure transfer of personal health information (PHI)
  • Ensure accountability in assessment sharing
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Reduces workload
  • Increases reliability of information
Implemented by an organization called CCIM under the direction of the Special Projects Branch and Health Services Cluster, the initiative had 3 distinct streams: Business Systems, Common Assessments and the Integrated Assessment Record.