What Is the North West LHIN eHealth Project Management Office and Change Management?

The North West LHIN eHealth Project Management Office and Change Management (PMO) aids in initiating, managing and tracking eHealth projects across the North West LHIN’s region.

The eHealth PMO is available to health service providers if and when they need it.   It is a resource centre of helpful ideas and advice that’s been set up and developed with the advice and assistance of people who work in the Northwest.

The eHealth PMO may evolve over time to handle other LHIN-related projects, liaise with local and regional groups, and to coordinate and oversee shared activities.

For more information on how the eHealth PMO can help you, contact us at northwest@lhins.on.ca

Project Management Resources

Below is a list of templates to assist you in managing projects.




Action Items List Template

Lists and assists in organizing and managing action items

Benefits Realization Templates

Assists in organizing and measuring the benefits for a project

Budget Control

Spreadsheet listing budgeted and actual expenditures on a monthly basis

Business Case

Document of the justification for a proposed undertaking

Business Requirements Document

Helps to identify what is required for a project and the corresponded workflows

Change Management Plan

Defines activities and roles to manage and control change for a project

Change Request

A document calling for an adjustment the project (e.g. change in schedule, scope, budget, human resources, etc.)

Close-Out Report Template

Indicates an understanding and formal agreement that the project is ready to be closed

Communications Tactical Plan Template

Facilitates effective and efficient communications with the various project stakeholder groups

Communications Tactical Plan Lite Template

A lighter version of the Communications Tactical Plan Template

Community Engagement Plan Template

Assists in planning and implementing community engagement

Issue Decision Document

Documents the current status, recommendations, and decision for managing an issue 

Lessons Learned Template

Documents experiences distilled from a project that should be actively taken into account in future projects

Procurement Plan Template

Describes how a project team will acquire goods and services from outside of the organization

Project Charter Template

Includes a statement of the scope, objectives, and participants in a project. It provides a preliminary delineation of roles and responsibilities, outlines the project objectives, identifies the main stakeholders, and defines the authority of the project manager. It serves as a reference of authority for the future of the project.

Project Charter Lite

A lighter version of the Project Charter

Stakeholder Analysis Template

Identifies the individuals or groups that are likely to affect or be affected by a proposed action, and sorts them according to their impact on the action and the impact the action will have on them

Transition to Operations

Ensures that project deliverables will be brought to full operational status, integrated into ongoing operations and maintained in a sustainable manner



Canada Health Infoway

Canada Health Infoway helps realize the vision of healthier Canadians through innovative digital health solutions.


Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)

Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is a global leader in telemedicine and connected care. OTN reduces hospital readmissions, transforms primary care, and expands home and community care across Ontario.


eHealth Ontario

eHealth Ontario is creating a secure electronic health record information system so that all your medical information can be safely shared and accessed by your health care providers, whenever they need it and wherever they are. Having rapid access to complete, up-to-date and accurate information puts your providers in the best position to make more informed decisions and deliver better quality care.