Keeping it together: eHealth PMO

The North West LHIN’s first eHealth Project Management Office (PMO) aids in initiating, managing and tracking eHealth projects across the NW LHIN’s region.

An overall provincial goal for eHealth Ontario is to have an eHealth PMO in each LHIN.  Each eHealth PMO will have its own unique characteristics, based on the needs of the region and as articulated by its health service providers.  At the same time, the North West LHIN eHealth PMO will be in the best position possible for working on provincial eHealth Ontario projects.

Health service provider representatives from the northwest act as a resource to their colleagues across the region. They are available  to help guide new eHealth projects through their various stages.  A PMO manual has been developed for the North West LHIN and acts as a central resource for methodologies, tools and templates.

The eHealth PMO is available to health service providers if and when they need it.   It is a resource centre of helpful ideas and advice that’s been set up and developed with the advice and assistance of people who work in the northwest.

The eHealth PMO may evolve over time to handle other LHIN-related projects, liaise with local and regional groups, and to coordinate and oversee shared activities.

For more information on how the eHealth PMO can help you, contact us at