eHealth in the North West LHIN

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Our Vision

“eHealth enables the improvement of patient health outcomes, the increase of patient safety, the accessibility to health care and an efficient and effective health care system in North Western Ontario”

The North West LHIN continues to build and expand its eHealth capability so the health of all residents in the northwest can benefit from new and innovative solutions in the delivery of health care services. Our goals are to:

  • Enhance the reputation of the North West LHIN as being an outstanding, collaborative partner in eHealth information and communication technology (ICT) project implementation
  • Increase eHealth ICT project implementation and adoption capability throughout the region
  • Optimize the impact of investments of limited resources in eHealth ICT projects
  • Improve the value, timeliness and amount of decision support for health system decision makers
  • Increase the accessibility of high quality eHealth ICT to health service providers
  • Empower more health care providers with the information they need, when they need it, to continuously improve efficiency and quality of care
  • Increase the sharing of information amongst health care providers across the health care spectrum, over a secure and confidential system
  • Improve health care processes and reduce duplication of work with the use of eHealth ICT
  • Increase the understanding of the value of eHealth ICT amongst the general public
  • Improve patient access to health information and to health care management tools to support self-care

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eHealth Strategy

June 25, 2013, the North West LHIN released the eHealth Services Plan (ESP) for 2013-2016, under the guidance of the North West LHIN eHealth Governance structure and with the leadership of the North West LHIN eHealth Advisory Committee, in order to advance eHealth in this region. The plan was informed by ongoing consultation with stakeĀ­holders in the region. It is also aligned with four important documents currently guiding health care in this region, and this province. These are: Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care, the Ontario 2015 eHealth Blueprint, the North West LHIN Health Services Blueprint, and the North West LHIN Integrated Health Services Plan 2013-2016.

The eHealth Services Plan establishes three overarching priorities that will guide activities over the coming three years (2013-2016) to advance and improve the state of eHealth within the North West LHIN region, and outlines various initiatives, both planned and in progress, designed to help our LHIN achieve these priorities.

eHealth Services Priorities

Provincial Vision

eHealth Ontario was created on September 28, 2008, with a goal to harness information technology and innovation in order to improve patient care, safety and access in support of the government's health strategy.

In March 2009, after a public consultation period, eHealth Ontario introduced a single, harmonized and coherent eHealth Strategy for Ontario to align all publicly-funded eHealth initiatives through a single point of accountability.

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) identifies the anticipated qualitative benefits of eHealth for Ontario as including:

  • Healthier people: eHealth helps Ontarians to manage their own health and health care, reduces preventable errors, and empowers people and their health providers with timely and accurate health information
  • Better health decisions and productivity: secure access for health providers to comprehensive patient information will help them make better diagnoses and save valuable time.
  • Better administrative and system-wide resource allocation: health administrators and Ministry planners have the accurate and timely information needed to support long-term system planning, measurement, and continuous improvement. This, in turn, will help to ensure that tax dollars are spent more efficiently.

There are numerous eHealth Ontario initiatives:

  • Diabetes Management 
  • ePrescribing 
  • Drug Profile Viewer
  • Provincial Reference Model for ALC Resource Matching and Referral
  • Physician eHealth
  • Ontario Laboratories Information System
  • Diagnostic Imaging/Picture Archiving and Communications System 
  • eHealth Standards 

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How we fit into the big picture

The North West LHIN’s eHealth strategy is part of a provincewide effort to spread the eHealth net across Ontario. The provincial effort is coordinated by eHealth Ontario, which plays the lead role in harnessing information technology and innovation to improve patient care, safety and access in support of the government’s health strategy.

Each LHIN has its own eHealth strategy, which is developed according to local needs and priorities.