Rehabilitation Care

Rehabilitative care is defined as “a broad range of interventions that result in the improved physical, mental and social well-being of those suffering from injury, illness or chronic disease.” Recognizing ongoing changes and increased demand placed on the health care system, it has become increasingly important to identify optimal care practices and efficiencies. In the North West Local Health Integration Network, the above average burden of chronic diseases and musculoskeletal disorders, combined with a widely dispersed population, present a unique challenge to providing equitable access to high quality rehabilitative care. In order to meet this challenge, the North West LHIN is committed to ensuring all aspects of rehabilitative care within the region are delivered within an integrated system, including care provided as close to home as possible.

The vision for Northwestern Ontario is to create an integrated system of care across the full continuum, from inpatient rehabilitation to outpatient rehabilitation and reintegration to the community, which will serve all individuals who could benefit from rehabilitative care. Within an integrated model of care, health care providers across the region will work together to organize services and the delivery of care across the local health hubs and sub-regions, including specialized regional programs, which serve all of Northwestern Ontario. This model has been developed in alignment with the North West LHIN health services delivery model; within existing resources; building on the existing strengths of the current system; and addressing the gaps in care delivery identified within the current state analysis. 

The following figure depicts the structure of this integrated system.

North West LHIN Regional Rehabilitative Care Program - Integrated Systems of Care

integrated systems of care

The model aims to coordinate rehabilitation services across the region by leveraging existing services and expertise from a larger regional centre with more specialized and comprehensive services, to enhance and support existing services in each smaller, remote community where population, economies of scale, recruitment, and retention do not support the same level of care.

The following plan reports a culmination of capacity planning and analysis work and presents recommendations to support an integrated service delivery model of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative care services for the residents of Northwestern Ontario, through a Regional Rehabilitative Care Program. St. Joseph’s Care Group has been identified as the Regional Rehabilitative Care lead.