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North West LHIN Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC)


Introducing our PFAC Members

On November 9, 2017 the North West LHIN announced the selection of 15 members to its new Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC). Created to provide advice on key local health issues and programs from the patient’s perspective, PFAC supports the North West LHIN’s ongoing commitment to including the voices of patients in their health care.

The 15 members selected are or have been patients or caregivers of patients in the North West LHIN, and reflect the diversity of the people and communities within the LHIN. They have been carefully selected to serve as a voice for patients and their families, by sharing his or her unique stories, perspectives, experiences, and opinions in order to strengthen engagement of patients, caregivers and the public in important local health planning decisions and policies. 

Feedback received from the Committee members will support meaningful positive contribution to the region’s health care. Through the Committee’s work, community members will have the ability to be involved in the development of the very programs, services and initiatives that affect them.

“The North West LHIN has a strong track record of working with patients and finding new ways to ensure their voices are heard. We value the importance of a system which puts people first and that understands not only the challenges of those accessing our health care services, but also the pressures placed upon their families and caregivers,” says Laura Kokocinski, CEO, North West LHIN. “I want to thank all our members for the integral role they will be playing in strengthening the patient’s voice and I look forward to working closely with each one of them.”

North West LHIN PFAC members will meet four times annually. The first meeting will be held on Monday, November 13, 2017.

“North West LHIN has brought together a strong selection of members from various areas of the region, bringing diverse perspectives to the table. These Committee members have shown commitment to improving and enhancing the patient experience and we are excited to work with them to build a better, well-coordinated health care system,” says Rakib Mohammed, Vice President, Home and Community Care, North West LHIN.

The North West LHIN’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee is created in support of Ontario’s Patients First Act and joins LHINs across Ontario who are establishing Patient and Family Advisory Committees.

Terms of Reference

Based on its Terms of Reference, the PFAC will both advise and collaborate with the North West LHIN, its leaders, Health Service Providers (HSPs) and staff regarding system-level policies, practices, and strategy, planning, and delivery of patient- and family-centred care within the North West LHIN region. Members will:

  • Identify and advise on opportunities to incorporate the patient’s perspective in initiatives to better integrate care across the region and across the health care system.  
  • Support effective patient engagement within the North West LHIN. 
  • Provide advice on health care access or service delivery improvements from the patient and/or family caregiver perspective. 
  • Provide input on North West LHIN policies and standards guiding North West LHIN initiatives, particularly regarding patient care and patient engagement. 
  • Recommend strategies and practical ideas for improving patient care, and caregiver recognition and support.  
  • Work in partnership and engage in co-design with the North West LHIN CEO, LHIN staff, service providers and partners.  
  • Link and collaborate with other patient and family advisory groups within the North West LHIN and across the province as appropriate.  


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Petronilla Ndebele, Director, Communications and Engagement
North West LHIN
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